Components for the medical and dental sectors must meet uncompromising levels of precision. There is no room for questions over reliability or performance.

End-to-end performance

We work with leading medical manufacturers to deliver components across a range of applications including: 

  • Disposable devices
  • Reusable devices
  • Orthodontics

They partner with OptiMIM because we can offer them the functional precision they need to deliver unparalleled levels of performance and wear resistance—whether this is for products designed for a single use or implants destined to last a lifetime.

Added value, wider choice

We can also deliver a range of value added services such as precision machining, heat treating, and surface treatments. And, of course, we give manufacturers the freedom to choose from traditional ferrous alloys such as stainless steel to titanium and cobalt-chromium. We will even create custom alloys when standard options can’t deliver the performance they need.


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