Consumer Electronics

Few industries match the pace and competitiveness of consumer electronics. What is cutting-edge one year becomes obsolete the next. 

Manufacturers are continuously racing to out-innovate their competitors, introducing new products to market faster and at lower costs. It’s a sector perfectly placed to benefit from next-generation metal injection molding.


In-Depth Consumer Electronics Expertise

Household names in consumer electronics work with OptiMIM to produce precision components, ranging from thermal management to magnetic parts, and those requiring controlled thermal expansion.

They turn to us for rapid prototyping of their latest ideas, providing them with a swift proof of concept at low cost. We utilize fast development cycles, ensuring they can keep up with the pace of change in their markets. Once they’re ready for production, we can scale rapidly, producing high-precision components in the millions. 

Witness first-hand some of the successes we’ve achieved.


Hinge for Rotating Camera Monitor 

Utilizing the conventional Metal Injection Molding process (MIM), low-alloy nickel steel (FN08) with painting.
Hinge for Rotating Camera Monitor


Key Advantages of MIM for Consumer Electronic Applications

The consumer electronics industry benefits from the MIM process through the production of complex, reliable, and intricate geometries. 

Dimensional Accuracy

Metal injection molding manufactures components with near-net-shape geometries, minimizing the necessity for post-processing and decreasing material waste. This results in consistently high precision and dimensional accuracy, which are essential for ensuring the proper fit and function in electronics.

Improved Reliability

MIM components have the potential to be both lighter and stronger than their traditionally manufactured counterparts, enhancing performance and reliability in electronic devices. This becomes particularly critical for applications such as smartphones and wearables where weight and durability are pivotal factors. 

Intricate Geometries

MIM allows the manufacturing of intricate shapes and features that are challenging with traditional manufacturing processes. This empowers designers to explore new methods of innovation leading to sleeker, thinner, and more lightweight electronic devices. 

Superior Properties

MIM offers a variety of metal powder options including stainless steel, aluminum, and specialty alloys. This flexibility allows manufacturers to select the material with optimal properties for each application, including considerations like corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. 

Our Capabilities

OptiMIM possesses the capabilities to produce MIM parts tailored for the dynamic consumer electronics industry, meeting the evolving demands of consumers. Our experts offer:

  • In-depth experience from design experts who understand the industry.
  • A wide range of available alloys—and our ability to create custom alloys to match their requirements.
  • Added value services such as precision machining, heat treating, and surface finishing.

It means we can partner with even the fastest moving consumer electronics companies to help them go further, faster.


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