The automotive sector has never been more dynamic. Constant innovations are changing the way manufacturers design and develop new models to meet evolving customer demands. 

We work with automotive manufacturers to help them stay ahead of the pack. We enable them to accelerate prototyping so they can rapidly assess the viability of new components and take them through the production part approval process (PPAP). Then, when a part enters production, we can quickly ramp up to high-volume production at virtually any scale.

The highest performing components

Typically, the components we produce must meet exacting performance requirements. They must be high precision, work at high temperatures, and offer excellent strength and wear. These components have included parts for:

  • High-performance turbochargers
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Valve trains
  • And precision sensors

Greater flexibility for increased design freedom

Of course, with the pace of change in the industry, manufacturers’ requirements are evolving at an ever-accelerating rate. So our ability to create parts in a wide range of alloys and even custom formulate alloys to deliver precisely the required performance characteristics is a significant advantage.

It means you have the freedom to innovate at the speed you need.


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