MIM offers you more design freedom and material options than many other production processes. The MIM process allows for significant shape sophistication and the combination of multiple parts, multiple feature/functions all within a single component.

The advantages MIM offers include:

  • MIM makes it possible to integrate and consolidate several components into a single molded piece—reducing the need to work with several manufacturers and decreasing processing and assembly costs

  • The combination of plastic injection molding and powdered metallurgy means designers are free from the traditional constraints of trying to shape stainless steel, nickel iron, copper, titanium, and other metals

  • Since injection molding is employed as the shape forming process step in MIM, part designs can avoid the limitations of standard metalworking processes

  • Texture, knurling, threads, lettering, and company logos can all be incorporated into the mold

  • A very effective way of utilizing MIM’s design freedom is to combine multiple components in an assembly into a single MIM component. The resulting MIM component is stronger, more cost effective, and is produced closer to the original design intent than the assembly




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