OptiMIM Recognized at 2020 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards for Medical/Dental Component

We are proud to announce that OptiMIM has been recognized by the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) at the 2020 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards for their design and production of one of two jaws of a surgical device for the Medical/Dental Category.

This award is presented to manufacturers who demonstrate inventive design excellence and the ability to push the boundaries of new powder metallurgy and metal injection molding (MIM) concepts and process controls. In this award ceremony, the MPIF looks to highlight manufacturers that take advantage the full spectrum of MIM capabilities for component design.

OptiMIM’s design and process engineers worked with our customer to create mirrored jaws for the surgical device designed to minimize invasiveness for patients undergoing heart surgery. The jaws, which deploy a clip around the heart’s left atrial appendage, are designed with 180º flexibility for smooth exclusion of the appendage.


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For this component, engineers selected MIM 17-4 PH stainless steel for strength, biocompatibility, and durability. Each mold cavity produces two parts that are exact mirror images of one another, demonstrating OptiMIM’s ability to produce components with uncompromising levels of precision with unparalleled consistency.

These mirrored surgical jaws represent a culmination of OptiMIM’s 30+ years of MIM expertise and the value that we can bring as a supplier to medical manufacturers. Not only does OptiMIM’s process offer near net-shape manufacturing of highly complex components at scale, but our team is also intricately familiar with the requirements of the medical industry. OptiMIM’s product development and quality teams work together to ensure that all PPAP submissions and required documents are filed in an efficient, timely manner to prevent delays for our customers when it comes to submitting their product for FDA approval. And with our wide selection of biocompatible materials and engineering expertise, OptiMIM can deliver high-performing parts at virtually any volume for the medical industry.

This award is a result of a consistent customer focus, innovation, and dedication from the entire OptiMIM team. Each employee is a vital contributor to continuously producing high-performing, innovative solutions for our global customers. Congratulations, OptiMIM!

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Last updated 08.07.2020